production and sale
of hi fi car audio systems
preamplifiers, finals
accumulators, speakers

The company “HSS FIDELITY” was born in 1990 by an idea of ANDREA FILIPPI, the present owner. He is an expert technician and electronic designer who came to the decision of manufacturing vacuum tube equipment for cars, giving a voice to his passion for high quality sound.

Thus, after an accurate and tested design, the first two-separate-chassis preamplifier for cars called “DUAL MONO TUBE 4” was manufactured in 1993. Today any car stereo enthusiast knows this product under the brand “HSS FIDELITY”.

In the years after, three more preamplifier versions were developed: DMT4 mkII N, DMT4 mkII P, DMT4 mkII T. In 1998 the D/A converter 24 bit 96 KHz  made its first appearance in the products catalogue.

Between 2000 and 2005 the talented artisan of Vicenza city developed new electronic tecnologies to optimize the sign management. By this way, in 2002 the first 3-separated-phases sign preamplifier, called V-Three Pre, was created.

In 2003 a new version of DMT4 amplifier called mk III and a Preamplifier limited series called “Anniversary” were created at the same time, celebrating the 10th years since the first Andrea's creation.

In 2004 the very first Dual-Mono A class tube amplifier HT230, that was manufactured carrying out the dream of many sound lovers who appreciate the tube sound fidelity.

Following the success of the amplifier in class A HT230, in later years , Mr.  Andrea Filippi designs and builds two other versions of  Class A amplifiers more power : HT240 and HT245.

Between 2005 and 2010 a loudspeakers line dedicated to HSS electronic was designed by the introduction of 2-way system, made of midwoofer HW65 and tweeter HTW25. This loudspeaker system, known worldwide, combined to HT tube amplifiers has allowed to reach listening result on international level by participation at Emma's event in Italy and Europe, gaining attention of the many lovers of better quality car-audio.

The our first goal is guarantee the fine quality and reliability of product, without neglecting search efforts for aiming to endless evolution, paying particulary attention to market needs and the needs of the listener.
After this introduction you are invited to have a free sound quality test with HSS products.